striving for excellence in bodywork and healing therapy, assisting you in reaching your optimum level of functional health and well being

'Rolfing with Sheri was a fun experience - I was amazed to see how plastic my 63-year-old-body really is! Sheri perceived misalignments in my posture and was able to make visible changes that surprised and delighted me.' - Linda

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Sheri Chamberland, LMT | Specializing in Therapeutic and Structural Bodywork Sheri Chamberland, LMT, Certified Rolfer™ striving for excellence in bodywork and healing therapy, assisting you in reaching your optimum level of health and wellness

As a nationally certified Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and Certified Rolfer of Structural Integration, I'm committed to continuing my education and working to the best of my ability to bring fuctional health and well-being to my clients. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my experiences and knowledge to educate each of my clients on their personal journey to optimum health.

I received my therapeutic massage training at Spa Tech Institute in Plymouth, MA, in 2003, and I've gained experience while working in spas and fitness centers in Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish, Pregnancy, and Hot Stone Massage. I've also received training in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage at the Bancroft School of Massage.

After receiving Rolfing in 2007 which helped to alleviate right shoulder/rotator cuff pain, I was hooked and decided I would love to become part of the Rolfing community. I received my Rolfing Training from The Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO, and became a Certified Rolfer in 2009. Receiving this training has helped deepen my knowledge of human anatomy & function and has also opened my eyes to the ability we all hold for healing our own bodies through increased self-awareness & dedication on a physical and emotional level.  I look forward to working with you and guarantee it will be a fun and enlightening experience! 

Because every person has his or her own needs, and those needs may change from week to week, I enjoy incorporating several techniques into any given treatment session, thus creating a unique experience each time.

Let me help you find the best of health and well-being!

Please contact me by phone (480-772-8798) or by email: I look forward to meeting with you!
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